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More travelers satisfied with U.S. roads

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sixty-five percent of highway travelers are satisfied with the major roads they travel most often, an increase of 15 percentage points since the last survey five years ago, a new federal report found.

However, the report, "Moving Ahead: The American Public Speaks on Roadways and Transportation in Communities," also found that the number of dissatisfied travelers has increased, climbing 6 percentage points to 20 percent.

Pavement conditions, safety, bridge conditions, visual appeal and travel amenities were among the top areas of traveler satisfaction, said the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, which released the report.

People who said they were dissatisfied asked for improved traffic flow, continued improvements of paving conditions and more effective ways to deal with or decrease traffic congestion in work zones. They also wanted community-friendly transportation improvements such as mass transit, bicycle paths and pedestrian facilities.

While travelers to the national parks and forests said they were very satisfied with access, they expressed a need for improving driving safety. One suggestion they made is to provide more road signs and pavement markings, the report said..

The report's findings are a compilation of surveys by the Bureau of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration in which respondents were asked about highway traffic and accessibility, along with surveys of visitors to six national parks and six national forests.

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4:30pm ET, 4/16

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