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Victims' relatives offer pleas about crash-plagued Osprey

This MV-22 Osprey crashed April 8,  killing 19 Marines  

ARLINGTON, Virginia (CNN) -- Relatives of Marines killed in crashes of MV-22 Ospreys asked a Pentagon panel on Friday to hold responsible those "who knew or should have known" about the aircraft's possible defects.

The panel on Friday held an open meeting in Arlington, Virginia, to hear testimony about the tilt-rotor aircraft.

"I ask that you hold the parties -- the ones who knew or should have known about the hidden dangers of this aircraft, the makers of the aircraft -- responsible for the devastation of the lives of those of us who will be forever impacted by their poor judgments, overzealousness or carelessness," said Stacy Nelson, whose husband was killed in an Osprey crash last April.


That crash -- which occurred during a landing attempt at an Arizona airport -- killed 19 Marines. A second crash during a routine night training mission in North Carolina in December killed four other Marines. Investigators believe a mechanical problem caused the December crash, while pilot error was suspected in the Arizona crash.

Currently, the entire U.S. fleet of eight remaining Ospreys remains grounded while the Pentagon conducts an investigation.

The MV-22 Osprey takes off like a helicopter but then rotates its propellers to fly like a plane. It is produced jointly by Bell Helicopter, Textron and Boeing.

The commission is ordered to issue its final report on the investigation in April.

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