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Suspect captured within 6 minutes of first report

SANTEE, California (CNN) -- Authorities captured the 15-year-old suspected shooter at Santana High School within six minutes after shots were first reported, officials said late Monday.

Despite the quick response, two students were killed and 13 others, including two adults, were wounded.


Santana High School student John Schardt gives his account of the shooting

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A female student gives her account of the shooting on Monday at Santana High School

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The suspect gave up his .22-caliber revolver without resistance after officers closed in on him in the boy's bathroom where the shooting began. Two students were wounded in the bathroom, including one boy who was later found unconscious and given CPR.

As officers wondered aloud if other shooters were involved, Sheriff Deputy Ali Perez said, "The young man (in custody) turned around and said, 'It's only me.'"

The shooting was reported at 9:22 a.m. and officers were on the scene by 9:24 a.m. The ninth-grade suspect was taken into custody four minutes later, at 9:28 a.m., officials said.

"Thankfully, we did it as quick as humanly possible," said Perez.

The first officer on the scene was San Diego Police Officer Robert Clark, who had just arrived at the school with his wife and daughter to enroll the girl in the school for next year.

Clark said he noticed a crowd of students in front of the school, including a faculty member with a "strained" facial expression.

"I asked, 'What's going on?' And he said, 'There's been some shots fired,'" Clark said.

He said students then pointed him to the area where the shots were coming from. "My main concern was who's in the school, who's shooting and how many," he told reporters.

Perez said when he got to the area near the bathroom, Clark was already there.

"There were kids everywhere. Some of them standing in fear. Some of them running. Some of them walking," he said. "My main interest was how many kids can we get out of there safely."

Perez said his partner, Pat Burns, had keyed in on the suspect and was shouting, "Drop your weapon!" The officers then moved in and found the boy in a "kneeling position," holding the butt of his handgun in the air.

"He dropped it and surrendered," Perez said.

They then dragged him out of the bathroom. He spent Monday night at a juvenile facility, and the district attorney said he plans to try the boy as an adult.

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