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4:30pm ET, 4/16


A statement from AOL Time Warner's executives

This announcement from Steve Case, chairman of the AOL Time Warner board, and Jerry Levin, the company's chief executive officer, appears on

Nearly a year ago, with great hope and real excitement about all we could achieve together, we announced our plan to merge America Online and Time Warner, creating the world's first fully integrated, Internet-powered media and communications company.

Now, AOL Time Warner is one company -- a company like no other. Equipped with a unique combination of assets and resources, AOL Time Warner is united by a shared purpose and a common vision.

This is our mission: To become the world's most respected and valued company, connecting, informing and entertaining people around the world in innovative ways that will enrich their lives.

For our customers, we will offer instant access to a breathtaking array of choices. For our shareholders, we will work to bring the dynamic returns that reward their trust. For our industries, we will set a standard of excellence and ingenuity that can spur the development of innovative products and services. And for our communities, global and local, we will be a partner in expanding cultural and digital opportunity, so that the benefits of the Internet Revolution reach around the world.

This is the kind of company we proposed to build last January. This is the company we are poised to become in the Internet Century.

For AOL Time Warner, as well as for our millions of readers, viewers, listeners, members and subscribers, the journey is just beginning. There are profound opportunities ahead for all of us -- and we hope you share our enthusiasm for the future we will create together.

With warm regards,
Steve Case & Jerry Levin

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