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Survey: Travelers' confidence still shaken

(CNN) -- Travel industry and government leaders still have their work cut out for them in persuading travelers to hit the road again, a new survey suggests.

Seventeen percent of those polled say they're traveling less than before the September 11 terrorist attacks, despite efforts to bolster aviation safety and a host of airline and hotel promotions, according to the survey by the Washington-based Travel Business Roundtable.

That number is roughly the same as in an early October survey by the group, which represents the travel and tourism industry.

"There remains a core group of travelers that still have their confidence shaken and don't see their business or leisure habits changing for six months or more," TBR spokesman Matt Triaca said Thursday.

Among other findings in the survey of more than 400 travelers, conducted October 24 and 25:

-- Twelve percent said they would discourage friends or family from traveling during the holidays.

-- Thirteen percent of leisure travelers canceled, postponed, or remain uncertain about upcoming travel plans.

-- Thirty percent believe new aviation security measures are insufficient.

But there were some more hopeful signs as well. The number of travelers who took an overnight trip in the past two weeks increased 50 percent since the last survey. And the number of trips being canceled fell from one out of 10 in the last survey to one out of 20.

Another survey sponsored by Boeing, meanwhile, showed that 91 percent of those who have flown since September 11 feel that air travel is safe, and that 92 percent believe air travel will return to normal within a year.


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