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Microsoft to alter 'Flight Simulator' game

A King Air 350 flies over a cityscape.  

REDMOND, Washington (CNN) -- Microsoft said Friday it will remove images of the World Trade Center from the upcoming version of its popular PC game, "Flight Simulator," following the terrorist attacks Tuesday on that landmark, the Pentagon and another attempt that failed in Pennsylvania, which resulted in thousands of deaths.

"We obviously are trying to be considerate of the feelings of everyone affected by the tragedy. We are removing the images simply because we do not want to cause anyone pain in the future versions of the software," said Microsoft spokesman Matt Pilla.

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He also said Microsoft is considering whether to provide a patch for users to download to remove the World Trade Center from current versions.

The user's handbook for "Flight Simulator" says the game is "as real as it gets." Players get a simulation of what it's like to fly a plane in cities such as Boston, Seattle, Washington, D.C. and New York.

The game introduction shows two people using the software, who say, "John, you just about crashed into the Empire State Building! Hey, that would be cool."

The company says it plans to remove that particular section from the introduction because some people may find it offensive.

"We would never include anything like that in any new version of "Flight Simulator." This is just an unfortunate coincidence. We regret any pain that may have caused. It was certainly not our intent," Pilla said. "This is an awful disaster."

Microsoft plans to release its new version of the product this fall.

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