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Review: Minolta tops 10 best laser printers list

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By PC World product review team

(IDG) -- The monochrome laser chart returns this month with new models for both small and large offices.

On the small-office chart, Brother's HL-1440 replaces the HL-1240; the new model adds improved image quality for the same starting price of $299; an ethernet card is optional. For $100 less, Samsung's ML-1210 offers a compact design with a maximum paper capacity of 300 pages, making this nonnetworkable printer a good fit for home offices. On the corporate end, the GCC Elite 21N offers admirable text printing speeds, but its gray-scale images looked sandblasted and excessively pale.

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  • Minolta-QMS PagePro 1100L: The 1100L is an outstanding choice for any small workplace that has no need for a USB connection or for high-quality gray-scale graphics.

  • Brother HL-1440: Limited paper capacity probably restricts the HL-1440 to home offices, but in that environment it's sure to pull its weight handsomely.

  • IBM Infoprint 12: Inexpensive enough for a no-frills home office and fast enough to serve small workgroups of five to ten people, this adaptable printer will work well in almost any small office.

  • Samsung ML-1210: The ML-1210 has only one appropriate use: in a home office, where its low price and small footprint make it accessible and convenient.

  • Lexmark Optra E312: The E312's pedestrian speed, limited paper capacity, and lack of ethernet mark it as a single-user printer.

  • Xerox DocuPrint N2125: Equipped with numerous extras, Xerox's DocuPrint N2125 has enough features and capacity for just about any large workgroup.

  • IBM Infoprint 21: Well-heeled small offices that do lots of printing would undoubtedly appreciate the Infoprint 21's well-conceived design, but the printer's performance, paper capacity, and extra features make it better for a big office.

  • HP LaserJet 4100n: Workgroups on the lookout for a fast printer with extra features will like the HP 4100n, though it isn't appropriate for high-volume printing unless you spring for the optional trays.

  • GCC Elite 21N: This printer definitely can meet the demands of a busy office network, as long as graphics aren't a big part of its workload. GCC's optional components make the Elite 21N versatile and easy to adapt to changing needs.

  • Brother HL-1670N: This unit's performance, print quality, price, and limited options best suit it for a small workgroup.

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