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Gateway to launch Tualatin-based notebook


By Douglas F. Gray

(IDG) -- Gateway Inc. plans to launch a new high-end notebook based on Intel Corp.'s latest mobile processor, the Pentium III processor-M.

Dubbed the Solo 9550, the notebook will be priced from $1,799 and offered with Intel's mobile processor at clock speeds of 933 MHz, 1 GHz and 1.13 GHz. The Pentium III processor-M, formerly code-named Tualatin, uses Intel's latest manufacturing technology designed to boost performance without compromising battery life.

San Diego-based Gateway said the notebook will be aimed at business users and "high-end" home users. The notebook is Gateway's first based on Tualatin; other vendors, including Hewlett-Packard Co., Dell Computer Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp., are already selling notebooks based on the chip, which was launched last month. INFOCENTER
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The Solo 9550 has a 15.7-in. super-extended graphics array, thin film transistor screen, which provides about the same viewable area as a 17-in. desktop monitor, Gateway said.

For an additional $159, users can configure the notebook with integrated support for the 802.11b standard for wireless access to a LAN, Gateway said. Gateway will also include for free three months of MobileStar Network Corp.'s wireless service with the purchase of the Solo 9550, or any of its other wireless-enabled notebooks, the company said.

MobileStar provides wireless Internet access in public areas in the U.S. including hotel lobbies, airports and Starbucks coffee shops.

The notebook also features dual modular bays. The first bay can support a second hard drive, a CD rewritable (CD-RW) drive, a DVD drive or a combination CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive. The second bay can house a floppy drive, an extra battery or a hard drive, Gateway said.

The hard drive included with the standard configuration comes in 10GB, 20GB or 30GB versions.

At 1.65 in. thick, the notebook weighs 7.1 lbs. in a basic configuration and includes the standard 128MB of RAM, expandable to 512MB, and a built-in modem and Ethernet card, the company said.

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