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Apple's PowerBook G4


March 19, 2001
Web posted at: 10:39 a.m. EST (1539 GMT)

(CNN) -- Sleek, stylish and stuffed full of supercomputing power -- Apple's new PowerBook G4 just may reshape the laptop.

The G4 breaks away from the "usual" laptop structure. Constructed out of one of the lightest and strongest metals, the titanium enclosure makes this computer not only an original but very durable. Titanium is the metal used in products such as jet engines, golf clubs and surgical implants.

The newest Apple PowerBook is longer than the usual laptop, measuring 13.4 by 9.5 inches and only 1 inch thick. And weighing in at almost five-and-a-half pounds, the G4 is slightly heavier than a lot of laptops, but it's packed full of goodies.

CNNdotCom reports on the features of the new Apple Titanium PowerBook G4

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Within its titanium walls, this laptop has a built-in antenna, AirPort Card slot and preinstalled AirPort software, for wireless networking capabilities. Wireless Internet connection requires only the purchase of a $100 AirPort Card.

The G4's built-in DVD-ROM drive reads audio CDs, Photo CDs, software CDs, DVD-Video and DVD-ROMs. Disks are inserted into the drive through a slot-loading feature similar to the CD players in cars.

The G4 comes with iMovie software, which, along with a digital video camcorder, allows you to create your own movies. (Final Cut Pro software may be purchased and also used with the G4 PowerBook.) Edit your clips, then add additional elements such as sound and graphics. Once your edits are complete, you may output your movie as a QuickTime file or record it back onto tape.

Watch your movies, or your favorite commercial DVD, on the extra wide 15.2-inch screen. The wide-format has a 1152-by-768 pixel resolution which provides for a 3:2 aspect ratio. (This is 10 percent wider than the conventional 1024-by-768 pixel displays.)

With the PowerBook G4, you can transfer data via the FireWire, which Apple says allows you to link up to 63 different devices. And through the two built-in USB Ports, the PowerBook can connect to printers, scanners, Zip drives and handheld devices, and more.

The G4 has a 56K V.90 modem and Apple says the built-in, rechargeable battery has a life of five-hours. It supports up to one GB (gigabyte) of RAM.

Prices can range from $2,600 to about $4,000. But, the impressive PowerBook G4 will definitely attract many admirers.

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