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2001 UCLA Internet Report

At a glance

Highlights from the 2001 UCLA Internet Report, "Surveying the Digital Future."

-- Percentage of Americans with online access: 72.3

-- Average weekly online use: 9.8 hours

Read the full 2001 UCLA Internet Report (PDF)

-- Average weekly TV use by non-users: 10 hours

-- Fewer weekly hours users spend watching TV: 4.5

-- Percentage of users who believe most online info is accurate: 58

-- Percentage of users who made purchases online: 48.9

-- Percentage of users who would reduce purchases if sales tax imposed: 43.3

-- Percentage of users with at least some concern on credit card security: 94.5

-- Percentage of adults who say children spend right amount time online: 88.2

-- Percentage of adults who say children's grades have stayed same or improved since logging on: 96.7

-- Percentage of users who say e-mail improves communications: 80.9

-- Percentage of users who disagree e-mail takes too much time: 64.7

-- Percentage of non-users not interested in logging on: 21.4

-- Primary reason non-users give for not logging on: no computer

-- Study based on national sample of 2,006 Internet users and non-users


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