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MSN adopts Brightmail spam filtering

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(IDG) -- Microsoft's Internet access service MSN has adopted antispam software from Brightmail as an option for users to protect themselves from unwanted e-mail messages, Brightmail announced Wednesday. INFOCENTER

The more than five million users of MSN Internet access will now be able to choose the Brightmail Anti-Spam Solution to separate spam from their legitimate e-mail, according to a Brightmail statement.

The Brightmail software puts spam messages aside in a special storage area where users can view the messages and take action.

The Brightmail Anti-Spam Solution has also been deployed by Internet service providers including AT&T Worldnet and EarthLink, according to the Brightmail statement.

ISPs are not alone in taking steps against spam, which the European Union recently estimated costs Internet users worldwide about 10 billion euros ($8.88 billion) per year in excess Internet access charges. An anti-spam bill that passed a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee last month would require unsolicited commercial e-mail to be clearly marked as such, and require a way for Internet users to opt out of future e-mail solicitations.

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