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Preview: 'Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex'

By Four Eyed Dragon

(IDG) -- With an almost three-year stint since his last adventure (not including his slick kart racer and wacky party game), Crash Bandicoot and his sister, Coco, are back, as they once again try to thwart the sinister plans of evil Dr. Cortex.

This time, Cortex is building a new weapon that requires the four elements: air, earth, water, and fire. To stop him, Crash and sis will need to venture through 30 levels and battle five bosses in as many worlds to prevent their nemesis from succeeding.

Although a new developer is creating Crash, Universal Interactive (the producer) promises the gameplay will be familiar without any big changes. In a 3D world, youâll still be able to slam, spin, and slide as you collect apples and gems. Crash, however, will now be able to tiptoe and drive cool new vehicles like a jeep, glider, and mech robot. Coco will also have more variety in her moves, though sheâll be playable only in a couple of levels. If this new Crash is anything like previous Bandicoot games, then you may have to get cerebral with this Cortex.

Konami of America

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