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A first look at 'Mad Dash Racing' for Xbox


Platform: Microsoft Xbox


(IDG) -- A race game with cutesy cartoon animals: Pass, you say?

"Mad Dash Racing" could give a jolt to the hackneyed genre with hybrid platform/racing/combat gameplay and wicked Xbox-powered visuals that -- if these screenshots are any indication -- are sure to delight the peepers. INFOCENTER
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Unlike "Crash Team Racing" and its crowd of clones, "Mad Dash Racing" won't include a single cart; all the racing will be on foot.

Competing against up to eight A.I. opponents or in four-player split-screen, you'll tear your way through eight huge, varied, and wonderfully designed levels, such as volcanoes, a jungle, and a ski resort, with long, continuous tracks that never require you to loop around in laps.

Besides running, you'll swim, glide, slide, and jump your way past your opponents, and, if you need help, you can always use tricks and traps like tripwires, boulders and TNT.

The graphics were already impressively sharp and detailed in a preview version, including characters so real they cast shadows on themselves. If development stays on track, "Mad Dash" could race its way into the hearts of Xbox gamers of all ages

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