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First Look: Medal of Honor Allied Assault



Platform: PC


(IDG) -- After taking the PlayStation by storm with two excellent titles, Medal of Honor encroaches on new territory -- the PC. With Medal of Honor Allied Assault, EA is making a very natural leap by bringing its rock-solid, mission-based World War II FPS to the PC with an all-new game and a whole new chapter of WWII to experience first-hand.

In this Medal of Honor incarnation, you'll take control of OSS recruit Lt. Mike Powell as he embarks on a number of missions, spread over 20 levels and based on actual WWII maneuvers from 1942 through 1945. You'll begin the game in North Africa, where you'll clear out a small town of its enemy turrets and other targets to make way for your squad to come through. From there, you'll be sent to Norway to deal with some German U-Boat engineers in an attempt to turn the tide of the war. The game will even feature a level based on the famous D-Day storming of Normandy Beach -- just imagine, if you will, playing a FPS version of the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. INFOCENTER
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Medal of Honor Allied Assault is being built with the Quake III engine, and will feature highly detailed and realistic recreations of decimated towns, the shores of the Rhine, and other WWII locales, as well as dynamic weather effects like mist and sunlight to help boost the level of realism. And fans of the first Medal of Honor games will be pleased to know that the same sound design team has been brought back to handle Allied Assault.

In addition to a PC version, EA informed us that an Xbox version of the game is also in the works. Look for Allied Assault to reach your PC in October or November.

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