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Review: 'The Bouncer' is one of the best



Platform: PlayStation 2


(IDG) -- SquareSoft's highly hyped brawler finally knuckles its way to the PS2 with deafening results. As a Final Fight of sorts, "The Bouncer" slickly combines copious amounts of hard-hitting moves with a stellar story line all in a visually stunning world.

As for the action, each character can bust more than 15 gut-swallowing moves, thanks to the analog controls. High, mid, low, and jump attacks are at your fingertips via pressure-sensitive buttons the strength with which you press a button determines what kind of punch or kick you'll perform. INFOCENTER
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With spectacular features, "The Bouncer" is not just another simple beat-em-up game. If you're looking for some variety in the limited PS2 library, hire "The Bouncer" -- you won't be disappointed.

Graphics--5.0: The characters look amazingly sharp from their threads to their animated punches and kicks. Plus, incredible CG sequences throughout the game will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Sound--4.5: Well-acted voice-overs add to the depth of the story. Additionally, the tone of the music plays nicely with the game's action and suspense.

Controls--4.5: The controls make great use of the analog buttons. And performing the 15-plus moves for each character is simple and easy to do. However, there should have been a better way to easily avoid opponents if you don't want to fight them.

Fun Factor--4.5: "The Bouncer" brings more than just fierce punches and kicks -- it features an engaging story and plenty of gameplay modes that offer a high replay value. Hands down, this is one of the best PS2 games.

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