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Review: 'Triple Play Baseball' hits line drive



Platform: PlayStation


(IDG) -- The skimpy field of competition on the PlayStation -- and all the hype surrounding the PlayStation 2 -- probably explains why this year's "Triple Play" is virtually identical to last year's game.

Of course the rosters are updated and the new stadiums are ready for action, but any other differences are minor -- and cosmetic -- at best.

If you've already played "Triple Play 2001" to death, that means there's no reason to upgrade unless you're a consummate fan. But if you haven't gotten a new PS baseball game in a while, this is the real deal, delivering the fast-paced, action-filled baseball that is "Triple Play"'s trademark. INFOCENTER
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  • GRAPHICS: 4.5 -- PS graphics don't get much better than these sharp players and ballparks. The frame rate's a little slow, though, but it's not a big problem.

  • SOUND: 4.5 -- "Triple Play" does two-man commentary right with an announcing team that delivers rich, detailed calls. Solid but goofy sound effects round out the audio.

  • CONTROLS: 4.0 -- While the pitching and batting controls remain a joy to use, the baserunning's still a little too finicky. Fielding, while generally solid, also has a few too many glitches.

  • FUN FACTOR: 4.0 -- "Triple Play" delivers zero innovation with a game that's virtually identical to "Triple Play 2001." But that still means it's the PlayStation's top baseball game.

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4:30pm ET, 4/16

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