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Review: 'Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix'

Platform: PlayStation



(IDG) -- "Fear Effect" returns to the PlayStation with a longer gameplay, an extra character, and added replay value. You play as one of four unsavory characters through this four-CD monster that spans eight levels, including different worldwide locales.

The graphics and sounds are similar to those to the first game (that is to say top-notch), and the challenging game play will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours on end. "Retro Helix" loses some points for the clumsy item management, and some of the game's puzzles rely more on time-consuming trial-and error than actual brain-power, but those flaws can be easily overlooked when the engrossing story takes hold. "Feat Effect 2" is the first must-have PlayStation title of the new year.

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Graphics: The odd-sounding combination of anime-looking characters and hi-res environments is seamless, and is heightened by dramatic camera angles that present every screen. Various special effects, like gunfire and explosions, are also noteworthy.

Sound: Excellent voice-over talent brings personality to the various characters as it delivers the well-written dialogue with style. The low-key music score also makes a contribution and heightens the tension.

Controls: Responsive controls move the various characters through the game with ease and the Dual Shock controller heightens the experience. The only drawback is the item management, which is cumbersome -- especially in tight situations.

Fun Factor: "Fear Effect" is an excellent action-adventure title that no gamer should miss. Complete with a unique visual scheme, engrossing story, and vibrant characters, the effect of "Retro Helix" will be felt for quite some time.

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