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CNNdotCOM Technofile: Panasonic's e-wear

(CNN) -- Panasonic offers high-tech haut couture with its new line of wearable digital audio players, called e-wear.

The sleek SV-SD75 Audio Player is a light-weight digital music system that can be worn around the neck or on an arm or belt.

This little gadget not only makes a fashion statement -- it also holds lots of music, thanks to the tiny SD Memory Card. SD stands for "Secure Digital."

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The size of a postage stamp, the SD card has been touted as the world's smallest voice file recorder. It holds up to 64 MB of digital information -- that's up to two hours of MP3 files or one hour of CD-quality music.

The SV-SD75 Audio Player will be on the market later this month.

If musical necklaces aren't your style, try the SV-SD05 all-in-one Audio Player Headset.

These headsets have a built-in digital audio player. The whole unit folds up and fits easily into your pocket. They'll hit stores in March.

Both units hook into computers via USB ports and come with Real Networks Jukebox software to download or rip your favorite music.

The devices come with rechargeable batteries that provide up to five hours of listening time. Both audio players are also compatible with store-bought AAA batteries.

Each unit comes with a 64 MB Memory card, Real Player Jukebox software, and a USB reader/writer. Total package: $399.95 each.

Supplementary memory cards are available in four separate capacities -- 8, 16, 32 and 64 MB cards. An additional 64 MB memory card will cost you $159.95 extra.

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Panasonic SD Audio

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