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Is 'Jackass' safe for MTV?

Johnny Knoxville
"Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville  

(CNN) -- What will you see on "Jackass"?

Well, there was that episode where a cast member set himself on fire to provide the heat for a barbecue. There was a bit where a guy rode a block of ice down a road. And, once, host Johnny Knoxville was kicked in the, um, nether regions to test the protection of athletic cups and supporters.

Dumb? You bet. Stupid? Ab-so-lutely. Good for ratings?

Indubitably. Viewers can't get enough of it.

Knoxville and his "Jackass" gang are the stars of one of MTV's highest rated shows. In this show, low-IQ antics mean big-number ratings.

MTV isn't ready to lose its popular show 'Jackass'. CNN's Jodi Ross has more. (August 23)

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Despite the show's constant "Don't-try-this-at-home" warning, one 13- year-old suffered severe burns after setting himself on fire to imitate a "Jackass" stunt. Another group of teens drove a car over one of their friends, again emulating the show. The on-air shenanigans have prompted lawmakers to call on the show's creators to tone down its content.

Now "Jackass" and MTV are involved in another kind of controversy -- a contract controversy. Knoxville has told a local newspaper he's leaving the show. MTV says the network and the star are negotiating.

"Showbiz Today Reports" correspondent Jodi Ross took a closer look at the status of "Jackass."

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