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Bruce Springsteen plays Stone Pony

ASBURY PARK, New Jersey -- If you're a fan of Bruce Springsteen and you were hanging out at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey, on Sunday evening, you might as well have been in heaven.

The Boss made a surprise appearance at the legendary nightclub on the one-year anniversary of its reopening.

Springsteen showed up on stage at about 8:40 p.m. and performed for about an hour in front of a crowd of 2,500, according to The Associated Press. Southside Johnny and Asbury Jukes, and rocker Graham Parker joined Springsteen in his set.

The band played several Springsteen songs and some Southside staples, along with a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Born on the Bayou."

Wait a minute ... that's not Tokyo!

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania -- Playing Rafe McCawley: Ben Affleck. Playing Evelyn Johnson: Kate Beckinsale.

And playing Tokyo, Japan: Gary, Indiana!

Yes, the Midwestern city gets a cameo in the new blockbuster, "Pearl Harbor." Michael Bay, the director of the World War II epic, used Gary's U.S. Steel Gary Works industrial complex in scenes depicting the bombing of Tokyo, the final action sequence of the film.

The filmmakers spiced up the scenery along Lake Michigan's shoreline with digitally-enhanced images, such as Japanese signs and B-25s.

"We (were) looking for a huge industrial complex that can portray industrial Japan in 1942. Few, if any, facilities compare to the U.S. Steel Gary Works," said the movie's location manager, Richard Klotz.

'Good Morning, Vietnam' vet honors Memorial Day

ANGEL FIRE, New Mexico -- Adrian Cronauer, the disc jockey whose original script inspired "Good Morning, Vietnam," honored Memorial Day by visiting the Vietnam Veterans National Memorial's Peace and Brotherhood Chapel in Angel Fire, New Mexico.

"Among veterans, a lot of them know about Angel Fire," Cronauer said, according to The Associated Press.

Memorial administrative assistant Teresa Ward said the official attendance Monday was 5,110 people, of whom she estimated perhaps 2,500 to 3,000 were veterans.

Cronauer was asked about the making of the 1987 movie starring Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker, J.T. Walsh and Bruno Kirby. The most-asked question is "How much of the movie was real?" he said.

"If I'd done half that stuff, I'd still be in Leavenworth," he said.

Cronauer said he's constantly working to improve the image of Vietnam veterans.

He said there has been much healing in the ensuing years, and the bitterness has eased.

"We need to exercise forgiveness toward those who opposed us, toward those who vilified us," he said. "It's up to us as veterans to tell the public -- and especially the next generation -- who we were, where we were and why we were there."

DJ breaks world record

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey -- More than three days straight, without sleep -- that's how long DJ Glen Jones spent on the air for radio station WFMU, breaking the world record for the longest continuous radio broadcast.

Jones performed the feat over Memorial Day weekend, surpassing the previous world record of 73 hours, 33 minutes on Monday. He was still going Monday night, according to The Associated Press.

During his time on the air, Jones spun more than 700 tunes and spoke with celebrities like Gene Simmons of Kiss and Katie Couric of NBC's "Today." He was allowed a 15-minute break every eight hours, couldn't play songs longer than six minutes and had to chime in every minute when a guest was talking.

The record has yet to be officially certified by Guinness World Records. But Jones was in the mood to celebrate when he broke the record.

"I am the heavyweight champion of the world," he shouted, then played a Frank Sinatra rendition of "My Way."

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