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Today's Buzz stories:

McCartney plans fall album

BERLIN, Germany -- While fans of Paul McCartney are looking back on a part of his post-Beatles career in the band Wings, McCartney himself appears to be looking to the future.

McCartney says he has a new album in the works.

"I'm very excited about it," he said Monday. "For a few years now ... I've had some songs that I've been writing, and I thought it was time to make a new album."

He hopes to complete it in June for a possible September release. He's also not ruling out future collaborations with artists like Sting.

"I think Sting is a good writer," McCartney told The Associated Press. "I like a lot of his stuff and I think we could have fun together."

This news comes as McCartney releases "Wingspan," a two-part compilation that combines Wings' greatest hits and their lesser-known songs. Also, a Wings documentary will air Friday in the United States on ABC.

Being 'The Mummy' pays well

LOS ANGELES, California -- When they say "The Mummy Returns," they're talking about Arnold Vosloo.

He's the actor who plays the mummy in the 1999 film, and its current sequel.

Though he's primarily a stage actor, Vosloo told The Associated Press that money talks when it comes to movie roles he chooses.

"They pay me a lot of money so, you know, your pain is diminished instantly when you see all the zeros on the check," Vosloo said. "I'm not elitist, you know, in that sense."

"The Mummy Returns" grossed more than $70 million in its opening weekend, a record for a non-holiday.

That's Dr. Tim McGraw to you

MONROE, Louisiana -- Country music star Tim McGraw will receive an honorary doctorate Saturday from the University of Louisiana-Monroe, where he was once a student, The Associated Press reports.

"I feel very humbled to be receiving this honorary degree," McGraw said. "It will be good to be home and have my family there with me."

University officials feel he deserves it. McGraw, who's married to singer Faith Hill, has a history of philanthropy.

In 1994, he organized the first Swampstock, which now consists of a celebrity softball game and a concert.

Last year, McGraw and Hill, performed at a benefit concert for the Friends of the Jackson Zoo in Jackson, Mississippi.


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