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Today's Buzz stories:

Scott Bakula's quantum leap to new 'Star Trek?'

(CNN) -- According to the Web site Trek Today, Scott Bakula is up for the lead role in the next "Star Trek" series.

Bakula, who stared in the early '90s sci-fi show "Quantum Leap," is said to be negotiating for the role. He would be the first well-known actor attached to the series, which is still in development and is slated for a fall premiere on UPN.

The lead role in the series, according to Trek Today, would be Jackson Archer, a Starfleet captain with a "bold" and "intensely curious" personality.

If Bakula wins it, he'll have big shoes to fill. William Shatner, of course, set the standard for Starfleet captains as Captain James T. Kirk. Patrick Stewart followed with success of his own as Jean-Luc Picard.

Garbo busted!

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- A bronze bust of film legend Greta Garbo has found a new home. The likeness of the actress who starred in movies like "Mata Hari" and "Anna Karenina" is being displayed on the facade of a realty company's building in southern Stockholm, where Garbo was born.

It marks the successful end to efforts to get a Garbo bust displayed.

In the mid-1990s, a local householders' association commissioned a bronze bust from Swedish artist Jan-Erik Bjoerk and put it in the southern part of the capital. But the city's art council ruled that the bust did not look like the Swedish actress and ordered it taken down.

A new bust, done by German artist Julia Eble, was rejected by the art council and banned it from city property. So the association appealed to the private sector, finally donating the bust to the private realty company.

"As this is a private building, the art council has no say," association spokesman Rune Sahlstroem said.

'Will & Grace' writer sued

LOS ANGELES, California -- Motto of this story: Be careful what you promise.

Los Angeles interior designer Jack Deamer is suing Max Mutchnick, writer for the NBC sitcom "Will & Grace," claiming he based one of the sitcom's characters on him without compensating him.

Deamer alleges Mutchnick promised to buy him a house and a car in exchange for basing the character "Jack" on him. According to the suit, since 1998, Mutchnick has told Deamer that he "had not yet achieved the sort of assured long-term revenue" necessary to fulfill that promise.

An NBC official declined to comment on the lawsuit, saying he had not seen it.

Steely Dan no longer 'perennial losers'

NEW YORK, New York -- No one was more surprised about Steely Dan being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame than ... Steely Dan.

Walter Becker, 51, and Donald Fagen, 53, who won three Grammys last month, said they never expected to get in.

"We'd been staunchly placed in the perennial losers category, like Black Sabbath," said Becker in Sunday's Newsday. "We briefly considered asking that our name be removed from consideration, but fortunately, we sort of forgot about that and while we were napping, they somehow decided to bring us on in."

Steely Dan's '70s jazz-rock includes the hit "Rikki Don't Lose That Number." They'll be inducted into the Rock Hall Monday night.


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