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Concern for missing singer

LONDON, England -- The manager of missing Scottish rock star Stuart Adamson has made an emotional appeal for the former Big Country singer to get in touch.

Ian Grant said he had not spoken to Adamson for five weeks and that all efforts to trace him -- including hiring a private detective -- had failed.

Adamson,43, who now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, has fought a long battle with alcohol and went missing two years ago.

He left a note for his son Calum on November 7 saying "back by noon Sunday," but has not been seen since.

He has not answered any messages left on his voicemail since and his mobile phone no longer functions.

Grant said everyone who knows the singer, who was born in Manchester, England, but brought up in Crossgates, Fife, in Scotland, is desperately hoping he makes contact soon.

He told the Press Association: "There's a lot of care and love for Stuart from family, friends and fans and we all hope he can come back from this brink and get back to his normal self.

"There's nothing for Stuart to feel guilty about, we just hope he re-surfaces."

He added: "The last time (he disappeared) he was just avoiding my phone calls, but this time we've been searching everywhere without success.

"I managed to track down someone in Atlanta who watched the Iran versus Ireland football match with him before he left for Nashville on November 15, but he hasn't been seen since.

"I've got a private detective on it and there are a couple of fans driving up from Florida scouring Atlanta for him, but beyond that there's not much we can do."

Adamson has also been placed on the missing person's register in Nashville and Atlanta, while a description of his car has also been circulated to the police.

He moved to the States five years ago and married his second wife Melanie two years ago.

His music career began in the 1970s when he formed the British punk band The Skids, but he hit the big time in the 1980s with Big Country.

The band had a string of 1980s hits and eight successful albums.

In 1986, Adamson said he had suffered a nervous breakdown six years before and was on the verge of another due to stress and overwork.

His record company has posted an appeal on its website seeking information on his whereabouts.

It says: "If anyone who reads this knows of his whereabouts please leave a message on the message board of this site or email"


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