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Stars come out for Jackson concert

Jackson arrived with Liz Talyor.
Jackson arrived with Liz Talyor.  

(CNN) -- The entertainment world's elite shined in New York on Friday night, turning out en masse to honor and appreciate the "King of Pop," Michael Jackson.

Scores of stars -- from Snoop Dogg to Dionne Warwick to Britney Spears -- and thousands of fans attended Jackson's concert in Madison Square Garden, one of two shows intended to commemorate the 43-year-old singer's three decades as a solo performer.

The performances -- coupled with the late October release of a new album, “Invincible” -- are also part of Jackson's effort to revive his once-dominant musical career after a decade of personal turmoil and professional disappointment.

CNN's Lauren Hunter covers the high and low points of pop singer Michael Jackson's career (September 7)

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CNN's Jodi Ross talks with the five other Jackson brothers about their performance with Michael Jackson (September 7)

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Quiz: Test your knowledge of the Gloved One  

After scoring hits along with his brothers as lead singer for the Jackson Five, the Gloved One embarked on a solo career in the 1970s. He reigned supreme in 1982 as his album, "Thriller," sold over 20 million copies, but fell back to Earth in 1991 when the album, "Dangerous," sold less than one-fifth that amount.

Other stories beyond the stage or studio didn't help -- accusations of abuse, two failed marriages -- nor did the fact his 1995 album, "HIStory," also failed to live up to "Thriller" expectations.

But after years of shunning the spotlight, Jackson has been making select appearances of late to boost his music career.

He was present at the opening of the Nasdaq exchange last week and appeared on stage with *NSYNC at Thursday's MTV Video Music Awards. He is scheduled to appear on CNN during the weekend.

The Jackson brothers (without Michael)
The Jackson brothers (without Michael)  

Many stars attending the MTV show planned to attend Jackson's Friday concert. The guest list included a "who's who" of the entertainment world, including Quincy Jones, Liza Minnelli, Usher, Eminem, David Hasselhoff, Kobe Bryant, Susan Sarandon, William Shatner, Muhammad Ali, Yoko Ono Lennon and Master P.

The other members of the Jackson Five, as well as longtime friends Macaulay Culkin and Elizabeth Taylor, also attended the show.

Jackson will do an encore performance Monday night, also at Madison Square Garden.

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