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'Mature' Madonna wows London

By CNN's Sarah Sultoon

LONDON, England -- The "Queen of Pop" began the British leg of her "Drowned World" tour in spectacular style, fans said.

"It was fantastic, I was absolutely buzzing the whole way through from start to finish. Madonna is like a vintage wine -- she definitely improves with age," London-based accountant Mark Segal told CNN.

Madonna's show, already seen around other European capitals, came with a host of costume changes and more than 20 songs.

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"There was a real family atmosphere on stage, the whole set was really homely," Rachel Rabin, another fan, said.

Segal added: "This was a much more mature performance from Madonna. This show said 'Madonna is talented, Madonna is here to entertain."

"She wasn't trying to shock -- there was nothing controversial, it was just very professional, very trendy and very, very good.

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"There were no support acts, it was just Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. The dancing was phenomenal, and I never knew she could play the guitar!"

Madonna's finale sprayed the audience with a fountain of gold glitter as she performed "Music," the title track from her last album.

Fans were told in a recorded message from British comedian Ali G -- who starred in the song's video -- that it was time to go home.

Madonna's six London shows sold out almost immediately in April, with Segal and Rabin among the lucky ones who snapped up tickets from official sources.

Others bartered for a prized ticket on the Internet, while hundreds of others turned up at the show on Wednesday night hoping to buy a ticket from touts outside -- with some paying as much as 800 ($1,120).

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