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Britney Spears death rumor travels around world

DALLAS, Texas (CNN) -- A radio station joked that pop star Britney Spears died in a car accident Tuesday night, setting off an international flurry of rumors.

Radio station KEGL "The Eagle" in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas said Spears, 18, and her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake of boy band N*SYNC, were involved in a car accident.

Television stations in Dallas started receiving phone calls from people who had heard the rock radio station joking around that Britney died in Los Angeles. However, Timberlake, 20, is on tour with N*SYNC in Philadelphia, where the group is scheduled to perform Wednesday night. Police in Los Angeles and Philadephia had not heard any reports of such an incident.

The rumor, most likely fueled by the Internet and e-mails, traveled overseas to Moscow, where CNN's bureau there -- and many television stations in Australia -- called CNN's Atlanta headquarters to find out if the reports were accurate.

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