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Royal honour for Dudley Moore

LONDON, England -- Former Hollywood actor and British comedian Dudley Moore has travelled to Buckingham Palace to receive a honour from the Queen.

The frail-looking star of "10" and Arthur remained seated in a wheelchair as he received his CBE (Commander of the British Empire) from Prince Charles on Friday.

Moore, who now lives in America, arrived in style, sweeping through the Palace gates in a 1954 Silver Wraith Rolls-Royce identical to the one in Arthur, the 1981 Hollywood hit for which he received a best actor Oscar nomination.

Moore arrived at the Palace with his sister Barbara Stevens.

"It's a very special moment for the family," she told reporters. "I haven't seen him for two years."

The tragic 66-year-old star, who has a degenerative brain condition, was congratulated by the Prince of Wales.

But Moore, whose condition Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) has robbed him of his speech and rendered him virtually immobile, sat motionless as the Prince spoke to him.

Although frail and incapable of properly responding, his condition does not prevent him fully understanding everything that is said to him.

In a career spanning more than 30 years, the oft-married and oft-divorced Moore won Tony awards, a Grammy, two Golden Globes, as well as the Oscar nomination.

He is involved in the Dudley Moore Research Fund, dedicated to finding a cure for PSP and the charity Music for All Seasons, which takes live music into hospitals, geriatric centers and prisons.

Moore was a musical prodigy as a child and won a music scholarship to Magdalen College, Oxford, to study the organ.

Moore's career spans 40 years in films, television and music
Moore's career spans 40 years in films, television and music  

He left university an accomplished jazz pianist and performed widely before finding fame with "Beyond The Fringe," a comedy revue with Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller and Alan Bennett.

In his native Britain, Moore is still best known for his comedy partnership with the late Cook in the 1960s and 1970s.

Their collaboration on the legendary TV shows "Not Only -- But Also" and "Derek and Clive" paved the way for Moore's Hollywood career as an unlikely romantic leads.

During his Hollywood career, he also starred in Arthur 2, Santa Claus: The Movie and Blame It On The Bellboy.


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