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Japan, Germany to get modified 'Pearl Harbor'

HOLLYWOOD, California (CNN) -- Walt Disney Studios acknowledged Wednesday that "very small changes" were made in the version of the new movie "Pearl Harbor" that will be shown in Japan and Germany.

A top official with the studios told CNN in some scenes a word was deleted out of sensitivity "to international audiences." One such instance, according to Daily Variety, involved deleting the word "dirty" from one character's outburst against the Japanese.

During a CNN interview in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, last weekend, the movie's producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, was asked if he feared the film -- which opens in the United States on Friday and in Japan on July 14 -- might have portrayed the Japanese as heavy-handed or if it sugar-coated Japan's role in the attack.

"Not really, because it's all about perspective, they (Japan) have a certain point of view and we (the United States) have a certain point of view," said Bruckheimer.

"We've tried to show their point of view versus our point of view. We were strangling them because we'd cut off their oil and their iron.

"They were dependent on us because 90 percent of their oil and industrial might were coming from this country and they only had 18 months left and they had to do something."

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