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Defense grills former Gold Club dancer

Gold Club  

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- A former dancer at the Gold Club broke down on the stand Tuesday as the defense grilled her about inconsistencies in her testimony regarding sexual encounters at the club.

"I can't remember," Jana Pelnis, the former dancer, repeated as a defense attorney pressed her for details about alleged sexual acts at the club. Pelnis testified Monday that she participated in several sexual acts at the club with professional athletes.

Under redirect by the prosecution, Pelnis explained why she did not tell a 1999 grand jury much of what she said on the stand.

"Because I was embarrassed. ... A lot of things I did, I didn't want to remember," she said.

Case File:Sex, sports and the mob: The Gold Club trial  

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Gold Club owner Steve Kaplan is on trial for racketeering, facilitating prostitution, extortion, money laundering and other federal charges. He is accused of paying his dancers to have sex with celebrity patrons. Also on trial are six others associated with the club or linked to organized crime. No sports figures are charged with any criminal wrongdoing in the case.

Despite turning state's evidence, Pelnis said she never meant to hurt Kaplan.

"Mr. Kaplan did a lot of good things for me. He helped me a lot. I didn't want to hurt him. That was not my intention," she said.

Former World Championship Wrestling figure Eric Bischoff testified Tuesday that he and a professional wrestler once went to the club's VIP room, where dancers joined them and performed sexual acts.

On another occasion, Bischoff said, he went to the club with his wife and the two left with Pelnis. The trio then went to a hotel room for a sexual encounter.

"That is a bit of blur," Bischoff said. Using Pelnis' stage name, he said, "I think it was between my wife and Frederique."

Bischoff said that on some visits to the club, the management picked up all charges.

Pelnis said she was paid $200 by Bischoff's wife and $800 by Kaplan for the 1999 encounter.

Monday, basketball star Patrick Ewing testified dancers at the Gold Club performed oral sex on him on two separate occasions, both times while Kaplan was in the room.

On both occasions, he said, he was told that payment for the dancers had been "taken care of


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