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Many Oklahoma witnesses have no regret about watching

By Ed Lavandera
CNN Dallas Bureau

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (CNN) -- In the middle of the night, a trail of cars started descending on an airport hangar at the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.

CNN's Ed Lavandera reports on survivors and relatives of victims who watched execution froim Oklahoma (June 11)

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Survivors and relatives of victims started showing up four hours before Timothy McVeigh's scheduled execution Monday morning in Terre Haute, Indiana, to be witnesses via closed-circuit television feed.

Many came from all over the country, and many said they could not get any sleep and were anxious to get the experience behind them.

The Department of Justice set up an elaborate process to get the witnesses processed. Slowly in the hours before the execution, busloads of witnesses were taken under police escort from the hangar to a federal transfer center on the airport grounds.

Of the 1,100 people eligible to watch the execution, 232 people showed up, according to Justice Department officials. Many of the witnesses who spoke after the execution expressed no regret for watching.

Grayson Jones, 73, flew in from Georgia to watch the execution. His son, Larry Jones, was killed in the bombing. The 46-year-old Air Force veteran was working on the fourth floor of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building when the bomb exploded.

"I don't think he [McVeigh] got what he deserved, but I'll have to settle for that," Jones said. "He got what he wanted, I think."

Other survivors and relatives of victims said they were surprised McVeigh stayed silent, instead of making a final statement. Many also said McVeigh seemed to be staring at them through the camera in the execution chamber.


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