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Witness for Puffy's co-defendant says he saw gun, can't ID holder

Rapper Jamal "Shyne" Barrow, one of two men standing trial with Sean "Puffy" Combs, is chared with attempted murder.  

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Defense testimony began Friday for rapper Jamal "Shyne" Barrow, one of two men standing trial with rap star Sean "Puffy" Combs for a 1999 incident in a Times Square-area nightclub in which three people were injured.

Barrow, who was part of Combs' entourage, is charged with attempted murder in the case. Combs and a bodyguard, Anthony "Wolf" Jones, are charged with gun possession and bribery.

David Cubilette, 28, a flight attendant who was inside the packed club in the early hours of December 27, 1999, said he "saw Shyne with a gun in his hands" just after shots rang out.

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But Cubilette said he also saw a gun in the hand of another man.

Cubilette testified he was standing at a circular bar in the center of the club when he heard an argument. He turned and saw a man gesturing and then throw a wad of money at Combs. Shortly after that, he said, he heard "one ... two or three shots."

Looking toward the sound, Cubilette testified, he saw an arm sticking above the crowd with a gun in the hand. He said he was not able to see the face of the person holding the gun.

Under questioning from Barrow's attorney, Murray Richman, Cubilette said he saw Barrow with a gun shortly afterward in the same area where he had seen the first person.

Combs, who took the stand earlier this week, had disputed prosecution witness testimony that someone had thrown a wad of money at him, sparking the scuffle that led to the shooting.

Combs was hustled out of the club by bodyguards and drove off with Jones and actress/singer Jennifer Lopez, Combs' girlfriend at the time. After they were stopped, police found a gun in the car. Combs and Jones were charged with bribery for trying to get the car's driver to claim the gun was his.

Witness testimony will continue Monday. State's rebuttal begins Tuesday. Closing arguments are expected March 12 and Judge Charles Solomon predicted the case will go to the jury as soon as March 13.

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