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Florida postal workers sue for anthrax testing

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Mail workers in Florida sued the U.S. Postal Service Monday, demanding the testing of all employees at facilities that might have been contaminated by anthrax.

N.Y. postal union wants tainted facilities closed 
30 mail facilities in N.E. to be tested 

The Miami local of the American Postal Workers Union, which represents 3,300 workers from Boca Raton to Homestead, also called for the buildings to be closed until they can be screened for anthrax.

The union further called for a uniform policy on how the federal government responds to possible anthrax contamination in postal facilities.

It said that all postal workers should be allowed to wear special equipment, such as gloves and masks, if they desire.

The union filed a motion for emergency injunctive relief in federal district court in Miami.

The union wants four major postal facilities in Miami closed for testing, as well as all postal offices in Boca Raton, the city where American Media Inc. is based.

Two of the tabloid company's employees came down with inhalation anthrax and one died. Investigators believe anthrax entered the building through the mail, but no tainted letter has been located.

The suit contends the Miami facilities processed mail to Boca Raton that might have been contaminated by anthrax.

It also is trying to force the Postal Service to take immediate action to retrofit mail sorting and letter canceling machines to prevent the spread of anthrax spores in sealed envelopes or packages.


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