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Steve Fossett, millionaire adventurer

LONDON, England - Be it in the air or on the sea, there is no holding back Steve Fossett.

The American holds world records in three sports. He made the first balloon crossing of Asia, Africa, Europe, South Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean and the first solo flight across the Pacific Ocean.

In sailing, he holds nine world passage records and eight race records. He has set the round-the-world record for medium weight jet planes and holds various other outright speed records.

In addition, he has completed premier endurance sports events including the Iditarod, the ironman triathlon and the English Channel swim.

Fossett began trying for the transatlantic sailing record with Playstation in 1999 and had three unsuccessful attempts before finally smashing the record.

His next big challenge could be in space. He has plans to take part in a project working with NASA on a world altitude record -- to take a glider up to 62,000 feet in the stratosphere.

Back on the ocean, he wants to move Playstation south to have a crack at the Route of Discovery record from Cadiz to Salvador and the trans-Mediterranean record between Marseilles and Carthage.

Then in 2004 he has indicated that he would like to have another go at The Race.


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