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4:30pm ET, 4/16

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Republican governors line up behind Bush

Republican governors line up behind Bush

CHEYENNE, Wyoming (CNN) -- Republican Governor Jim Geringer took up the theme of president-elect George W. Bush's inauguration from his home state in this week's Republican radio address. He said that after meeting with Bush at his Crawford, Texas ranch last week, Republican governors pledged their support to the president-elect.

"We reaffirmed what we had come to know over the years, that George W. Bush is a leader, a manager and the people's advocate. He is a unifier, promoting cooperation but never capitulating. He is always competitive, appropriately cautious and consistent in his decisions. He is genuine in his declaration that he will share power with the states rather than going it alone," Geringer said.

At last week's gathering of 18 Republican governors and the president-elect, Geringer said they discussed priorities in the next administration. Among the issues the governors and Bush discussed were education, tax cuts, national defense and the energy crisis in California.

A recurring theme in Geringer's address was state sovereignty. "Our founders expected us to devote our considerable energy and insight to preserving the sovereignty of our individual states and thereby, the freedom of our individual citizens. We are certain that we will be full partners with our newest president, " said Geringer.

Looking forward to President-elect Bush's inauguration, he added, "We can revive the spirit of America and why it came into being, the spirit that says every person is important, every voice can be heard, and every American can extend a hand and say, 'What can I do to help?'"


Saturday, January 13, 2001


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