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Gore, White House dismiss election report

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Responding to a study on last year's presidential election in Florida that showed George Bush winning even with a statewide recount, former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore said the election is over.

The White House agreed. "The country has moved on," a Bush spokeswoman said.

Gore issued a statement saying there are more important things to worry about now.

"As I said on December 13 of last year, we are a nation of laws and the presidential election of 2000 is over," Gore said.

"And of course, right now our country faces a great challenge as we seek to successfully combat terrorism. I fully support President Bush's efforts to achieve that goal."

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The former vice president also thanked the people who worked for his campaign.

"Tipper and I are grateful to all those who supported Joe Lieberman and me in the election one year ago this week," Gore said.

"I am proud of the values and ideals for which we fought. I will always appreciate the dedication and hard work of the many people around the country who worked so hard in support of the vision we shared for America's future."

White House spokeswoman Nicolle Devenish said the country has moved past the 2000 election.

"Our reaction to the latest recount is that the American people moved on along time ago," she said.

"But this latest media recount was an undertaking that turned up additional inconclusive data. The election was settled last year and the American people have moved on. The data's inconclusive and people around here [the White House] have felt for a long time the country has moved on."

-- CNN Correspondent Major Garrett contributed to this report.


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