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Katharine Graham remembered by friends and colleagues


Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state:
"She was a good friend, and we were close friends through all the vicissitudes of politics, where she usually was on the other side of the issues from me. But that did not affect our friendship ... Her legacy will be a legacy of integrity, or courage, and high quality."


Walter Cronkite, former CBS anchor:
"Kay was an extraordinary person of course. As a bereaved widow who surprised everyone with her strength to take over the Washington Post to make it one of the world's great newspapers. She is greatly admired, of course, everywhere in the very competitive world of politics, and in publishing she certainly stood out."


Barbara Walters, ABC correspondent:
"I think she will go down in history because of the tremendous courage. It took her years to feel her own power ... but there was a point when the Pentagon papers had to be published, and the paper was not allowed to do that and she went to court, and they were published ... She was a very courageous, gutsy woman who never really lost her femininity. She was an inspiration, especially, especially to women."


Mike Wallace, CBS correspondent:
"She was a neighbor. She was a dear friend, she was an earthier woman in her language than some people understood about her .. And everybody played at her tennis court, everybody swam in her pool. She was a good friend."


Art Buchwald, political humorist:
"Nobody expected much and she really learned on the job. And as you know from her book, she was quite a woman in terms of being all things. She is the only one of her kind in terms of being a go-getter and what she did."


Ben Bradlee, former Washington Post executive editor:
"She was set out on such a difficult voyage. I mean, to take command of this newspaper under the circumstances involved in her husband's death, when she'd had no training for it. She learned very well and very fast and, you know, she learned by making mistakes and not being scared of saying so."

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