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Bushes made $900K last year; Cheneys' income $36M


CRAWFORD, Texas (CNN) -- President Bush and the first lady made nearly $900,000 in 2000, while Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife reported nearly $36.1 million in income.

The White House released the information Friday ahead of Monday's deadline for filing taxes. In their new jobs this year, the president will make $400,000 and the vice president will bring in $186,300.

For 2000, the Bushes are paying $240,342 in taxes on $744,682 in taxable income.

Read Bush and Cheney's financial disclosure reports filed in 2000 (FindLaw) (PDF)

Documents in PDF format require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Highlights of the Bushes' 1040 form, of which only two pages were released, include:

• A $75,000 advance for Bush's autobiography "A Charge to Keep." According to the White House, this amount was "donated evenly" among several charities: the Boy Scouts of America; the Girl Scouts of America; the Boys and Girls Clubs of America; and Girls Inc.

• Donations to charity totaled $143,300, including contributions to "churches and charitable organizations."

• $894,880 was the Bushes' total income for 2000. Besides the former Texas governor's book royalties, this amount includes his salary of $70,554 as governor of Texas, $549,236 in "taxable interest," and $138,358 in capital gains.

The Cheneys owe more than $14 million in taxes for their 2000 income. Cheney reported $806,332 in salary and $4,333,500 in "deferred compensation and bonuses" from the Dallas-based oil services giant Halliburton Inc., where he was chief executive officer until August 2000.

The White House did not provide copies of the Cheneys' tax forms. Instead, they released the information only through a press release.

They released only two pages of the Bushes' 1090 form, and White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said that it was "standard" for Mr. Bush not to release his whole tax return, a practice he also followed as governor.

The Cheneys reported more than $1.9 million in short-term capital losses, which the White House said were mostly "incurred because the vice president sold stocks that he and Mrs. Cheney owned in order to avoid conflicts of interest." However, about $1.1 million of these losses are not deductible in 2000.

In addition, the Cheneys reported $823,509 in long-term capital gains.

The Cheneys donated $41,646 to charity, plus stock options valued at approximately $7.8 million to three charities: Capital Partners for Education in Washington (which the White House says provides assistance to underprivileged high-school students); George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates; and the University of Wyoming

Cheney's bonus of $1,451,398 from Halliburton in January of this year was left out of this return and will be reported in his tax return for 2001.

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