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Franklin pushes gospel boundaries with 'Nu Nation Project'

Musicians celebrate gospel according to Curacao

Blink-182: Punk-rock Peter Pans


4:30pm ET, 4/16










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Fox: CBS stole show idea

LOS ANGELES, California -- The Fox Family Channel is suing CBS and others, alleging the network stole the concept for its show, "Race Around the World," from Fox.

"Race Around the World" is a reality-based competition in which family members are sent around the world, with the first to return to the United States declared the winner. The show is set to debut in 2001 or sooner, reports Variety magazine.

A Fox employee came up with that name and concept in 1988, according to a complaint filed Friday in United States District Court here. The network claims CBS learned about the show from a confidential meeting Fox held to discuss potential sponsors.

The lawsuit also charges that there are other striking similarities between the Fox and CBS projects. Both races, the Fox suit contends, end in New York City; and each features families.

MTV star lights up 'The Tree'

NEW YORK -- MTV's resident prankster Johnny Knoxville is going to be pulling his stunts for MGM next Christmas.

Knoxville, who hosts the music network's prank show, "Jackass," has signed on to star in "The Tree," a Christmas road comedy. The film follows the misadventures of an eccentric trucker and an uptight presidential aide who have to transport a tree from Washington state to Washington, D.C.

"Jackass" has given Knoxville plenty of experience with high-spirited, if low-IQ, escapades. The highly rated show features participants doing stunts simultaneously goofy and gross. In one episode, for example, a player had to cover himself in raw meat and lie down on a hot grill. Another featured someone who belly-flopped in a pool filled with excrement.

MGM is scheduled to begin shooting in February, with the movie set to hit theaters by Christmas 2001.

Sheryl Crow to sing at concert for late governor


ST. LOUIS, Missouri -- Sheryl Crow is headlining a concert that will be held Friday in honor of late Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan.

Carnahan died October 16 in a plane crash that also killed his son, Roger "Randy" Carnahan and his chief campaign adviser, Chris Sifford.

Crow is a native of Kennett, in southeast Missouri, and appeared at fund-raisers for Carnahan's United States Senate campaign against Republican incumbent John Ashcroft. Her father, attorney Wendell Crow, went to law school with Carnahan at the University of Missouri at Columbia.

Proceeds from the show will benefit the Missouri Children's Trust Fund.


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