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More than 11,000 killed in India quake

Mideast negotiators want to continue talks after Israeli elections


4:30pm ET, 4/16










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The Buzz that Was

March 27 -- 'Wild Wild' worst... Moss released from hospital... Wyclef Jean flags S.C. in his tour... Kournikova in dog house?

March 24 -- Another joins 'Millionaire' club... Beck suffers on-stage collision... Letterman goes full time... Harrelson loses hemp case... Former 'Dragnet' actor convicted in road rage killing.

March 23 -- Dangerfield on mend after heart surgery... Martin's Comedy Awards speech: Heavy on humor, light on humility... Willis to make new 'Friends'... MTV: 'Cribs,' Click,' 'Groove.'

March 22 -- Neeson rejects hometown honor... Fox settles 'skanky snake' suit... Madonna: 'A sweet, simple girl'... 'Star Trek: Voyager' runs out of fuel... Rockwell's soured honeymoon.

March 21 -- MTV's Green back in hospital for cancer surgery... 'Law & Order' star sues eBay... Douglas enlists British help in fight against nuclear arms... Hawn rallies behind circus elephant bill... Hopkins, Moore pair for 'Hannibal.'

March 20 -- Madonna with child... Williams to perform 'South Park' song at Oscars... 'Who did your hair?' awards... Dr. Laura cancels birthday bash.

March 17 -- Dangerfield hospitalized in Vegas... Sixx going on 18 months probation... Judge finds in favor of Chopra... Hill: Queen of the music mountain.

March 16 -- Jagger, model haggle over child support... Farrow's adopted daughter dead at 19... McCartney: I like her yeah, yeah, yeah... 'The Sopranos' to sing two more years... Streisand, Brolin win neighborhood dispute.

March 15 -- Spielberg to direct Kubrick's unfinished work... Couple to tie knot; Leno supplies rope... Tempest in a C-cup at Cannes... Thai transvestite film spikes at box office.

March 14 -- Reed pleads not guilty to shoplifting... Parker to host MTV Movie Awards... Finnish dating show pairs woman with ex-con... 'Law & Order's' Martin reflects on Buffalo, 'Ally'... Holy Toledo! Klinger turns Packo's into hotdog chain.

March 13 -- 'X-Files' producer blames Fox for 'Harsh' end... Grant, Gill build house of love... Pryor seeks restraining order against son... Lamarr's will takes unpredictable turn.

March 10 -- Hynde rips into Gap... Berry sued in hit-and-run crash... Soap actors propose on-air birth... Taylor's 'Cleopatra' doll hits shelves.

March 9 -- 'Multimillionaire' bride files for annulment, loses job... Taylor lobbies for music education... 'South Park' song baffles ABC censors, Oscar organizers... Ali takes light-hearted jab at Smith... Political-religious rift widens over hometown honor for Neeson.

March 8 -- Lee pleads no contest to assault... The envelopes, please? Oscar judges wait for mail... Will Lopez's dress set Oscar trend?... HBO to put up more 'Walls'... Author Hughes facing charges in accident.

March 7 -- 'God, the Devil and Bob' vs. Salt Lake City, Pocatello... Cosby threatens to sue tabloid over sexual abuse story... 'Joan of Arc' director hears voices charging him with plagiarism... Police arrest Foxy Brown.

March 6 -- 'American Beauty,' 'Election' writers honored by their own... Clooney hooks Hollywood heavyweights for 'Fail Safe'... DeGeneres: I'm not a political symbol... Singer McCann to establish hometown scholarship.


March 3 -- Madonna: Husband and child... Gill, Grant to wed... Lucas tops celebrity earnings list... Seinfeld moves in on Joel's turf.

March 2 -- The Cure to retire?... Brits salute 'American Beauty'... 'Homicide': Props on the street... Study: TV networks add more ads... Chamberlain grabs a star.

March 1 -- Puffy: I did not bribe anyone... Conger's Gulf War veteran status questioned... Berry accused in hit-and-run crash... Letterman may go full time in late March.

Frolic in February


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