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Health Magazine names top 10 medical advances of 1999


December 29, 1999
Web posted at: 12:17 p.m. EST (1717 GMT)

From Medical Correspondent Linda Ciampa

(CNN) -- It's been quite a year for medical advances, some are saving lives, while others have greatly improved the quality of life for millions of people.

Below are the top ten health advances of 1999, according to Health Magazine.

1. Benecol and Take Control: Research showed these new margarines can actually lower cholesterol levels.

Margarine claiming to reduce cholesterol passes FDA review
May 18, 1999

2. Celebrex and Vioxx: These new drugs fight the pain and swollen joints associated with osteoarthritis without irritating the stomach, according to researchers.

FDA panel recommends second of new painkillers for approval
April 20, 1999

FDA approves first drug in new class of painkillers
December 31, 1998

3. Canadian sleep study: This research offered hope to those who suffer from insomnia. These researchers found changing sleeping habits, like trying to go to bed at the same time every night, is more effective in addressing sleep difficulties than taking medication.

Therapy may be the answer to catching a few zzz's
March 16, 1999

4. Relenza: This inhaled drug not only treats flu symptoms, but also seem to prevent the flu, scientists say.

New drugs help prevent flu, shorten common cold
September 27, 1999

5. Fitness research: This study found getting stronger can be faster. Experts now say pumping just one set of weights hard gives virtually the same results as pumping the traditional three.

Diet & Fitness

6.Synercid: Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1999, this new antibiotic fights killer infections resistant even to the antibiotic of last resort. It is the first alternative to vancomycin in 35 years.

FDA approves long-needed new antibiotic
September 21, 1999

7. Plan B: Scientists say this emergency "morning-after" anti-pregnancy pill can block a pregnancy from happening, but can't abort one once implantation occurs.

Emerging contraceptive options
May 18, 1999

The new-generation 'pill'
May 18, 1999

8. Automated external defibrillators: It is estimated this equipment has saved hundreds of people who would have otherwise died of heart attacks.

Study: Fast access to defibrillators increases survival after cardiac arrest
April 6, 1999

9. Nevirapine:This new drug is cited for its ability to reduce the transmission rate of HIV from mother to infant by 13 percent.

Affordable drug reduces mother-to-child HIV transmission, study says
July 14, 1999

10. Intacs: The FDA approved this treatment for those who are nearsighted. These thin transparent rings are implanted into the cornea.

Your eyes: Intacs
August 18, 1999

Year in review: Health

Bioethics for the New Millennium

Questions for the next century: Aging

The next 10 years in women's health
December 29, 1999
Top medical developments for women this decade
December 27, 1999
Magazine selects top women's health centers
May 31, 1999

China SARS numbers pass 5,000
Report: Form of HIV in humans by 1940
Fewer infections for back-sleeping babies
Pneumonia vaccine may help heart, too
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